MSXML Sniffer

MSXML Installed
MSXML2 Installed
MSXML2 v2.6 Installed
MSXML2 v3.0 Installed
MSXML2 v4.0 Installed
MSXML2 v5.0 Installed
MSXML2 v6.0 Installed

You are using an old version of MSXML. It is recomended that you download an upgrade from Microsoft. Or you can use the automatic Install MSXML utility in this section.

Although you have the new version of MSXML you are running it in "side-by-side" mode. To get the full benifits of this new version you should run xmlinst (from Microsoft to switch to "replace" mode.

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If you need to know what versions your hosting service is using you may want to download this asp file, and upload it to your hosting service.