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Normaly you can just do something like this

var rs1= new ActiveXObject("ADODB.Recordset");

var adopenStatic = 3;

var adLockReadOnly = 1;

var adCmdText = 1;

var adPersistXML = 1;

rs1.Open( "SELECT * FROM products", "DSN=katiadb", adopenStatic, adLockReadOnly, adCmdText);

rs1.Save ("D:\\katia\\test.xml", adPersistXML)

But unless you have the latest version of ADO you won't be able to use adPersistXML on save().

Here is a more manual utility to achieve a similar result.

Depending on how you have scripting set up one of the following 3 methods will produce an xml file containing a list of records in a table.

cscript adotoxml.js

wscript adotoxml.js


You will have to change the line

tabletoxml("modems", "modem", "some modems");

to the table you want to use, the name of the record elements and the title.

You will also need to change the connection string on the open().

You will almost certainly want to remove the following line.

propstoxml(rst, "props", "prop");

Maybe when I get round to it and there is a need I will produce an hta interface like the Translator tool.

This is one of the most popular of the utilities so I decided to create a more general version to dump an Access database accesstoxml.js.

cscript accesstoxml.js fullPathToAccess.mdb

cscript accesstoxml.js fullPathToAccess.mdb tableName

You need to specify the full path to the database or access will try and open one in the "start in" folder win*/profiles/personal etc.



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