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Unicorn XML Toolkit is a developer product implementing various XML-enabling technologies, which include:

  • Non-validating XML parser
  • XML writers supporting XML, HTML and text output
  • Document Object Model (DOM) Core Level 1
  • Support for the Simple API for XML Version 2.0 (SAX2)
  • XPath version 1.0 engine
  • XSLT version 1.0 engine
  • XSLT extensions, which implement:
    • Advanced grouping functionality
    • Import of plain data (separated and fixed-sized records)
    • Database connectivity
    • Interface with ECMAScript
    • Support for ActiveX automation
  • TeX-based implementation of XSL Formatting Objects
  • Interpreter for ECMAScript
  • XML-enabling ECMAScript extensions, which implement:
    • DOM support
    • XPath support
    • XSLT support
    • Support for ActiveX automation
    • I/O support for Unicode files
  • Support for regular expressions



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