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This is an Integrated Documentation environment. I have been playing around with different types of documentation for years as you can see from the Self Documenting Code (SDC) section and recently needed to document a project that contained a lot of XSLT. I tried out a couple of XSLT documentation tools and they weren't quite what I needed so I decided to create this tool that integrates documentation for many different types of source file.

Microsoft have borrowed my idea (again) of SDC for their new C# language in their new .NET initiative here is a sample.

///summary description
///this is a test.

For ASP I chose to put the documentation in a comment block like so

'<Author>Chris Bayes</Author>
'<p_description>The default module to be displayed.

XSLT of course is XML so the documentation doesn't need to be in comments it can be put in another namespace like so

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"
<doc:Author>Chris Bayes</doc:Author>

For PERL there is already POD so maybe someone can write a filter/module called POX

This is a work in progress and is not quite ready for primetime however if you would like to help on this project or would like an alpha version to play with then email me at webmaster@bayes.co.uk

Well it has been over a year since I last played with it so I guess it has to go to open source so Download

Apart from the fact that it is a bit of a jest.

There isn't any documentation for a documentation package. The idea is that you write a filter or use one of the readymade filters. This makes a standard XML that is consumed by the transforms. You will have to play with this to get it to work but it is an excelent 2 stage pipeline to begin to play with. Most of it is drag-N-drop and works like most IDE's. If it doesn't then you have to click on an folder/file icon to get the options. Hey it never got finished! There are menus on most things you just have to find them ;-)

Hmm the 3 stage pipeline needed a bit of work but I stopped playing with it when I went to spend a couple of months on a Thai beach ;-) and left the source with JeniT to play with.

But got bored and didn't pick it up after I got back from the palm trees and the sand.

Have Fun



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