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Wrox has published what looks at first glance an excelent book.

Here is a sample chapter for you to judge for yourself.

Wrox provides a forum for discussion on this book

And here is an interview with one of the authors


How did you first come to be writing for Wrox?

I had been working for Wrox for over three years, and that is where my interest in writing started.

What part of the book did you enjoy writing the most? If different from the first point, what part of the book do you see as the most important to the topic as a whole?

Hmmm, I don't think I have a favourite part that sticks out in particular... Generally I think that all those involved with the book did a great job on deciding when and where to introduce topics, and that it could be easy to miss out on things in the recommendation, which would cause a schema author difficulties in writing their schema. There are a lot of different features in the recommendation which will be powerful for different programmers, and hopefully schema authors will be able to work through this book to create schemas that will do the job that they need.

What did you want to achieve with the book?

Help people understand the XML Schemas recommendations and start using it as soon as possible, oh and save them pulling as much of their hair out as some of the authors have done.

When did your involvement with XML begin and what piece of XML technology was it with?

1998 with "XML Applications", Wrox Press' first XML book, which covered a number of technologies.

What feature of XML Schemas do you think gives them the greatest advantage over DTDs?

Personally, I have been making most use of the data types and their support for multiple namespaces, but there are many different advantages for different users.

What is your preference for validation/testing tools to use when working with XML Schemas, and why (this was a major issue during the production of this book)?

When writing, my preference was as many as possible, as the different tools threw up different errors at different stages of the development.

What other technologies are currently capturing your interest?

Recently, I have been doing quite a bit of work with dynamic content in Flash.

Apart from writing splendid material for our books, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Write and listen to music, although I also listen to music while I am working... yes, I'll be the one in the corner of the office bobbing my head like a muppet.



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