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MSXSL (normal Microsoft xsl translator)
MSXSL2 (Microsoft xslt previw release)
XT (James Clark's xslt translator)
Saxon (Mike Kay's xslt translator)
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This is just a mockup you have to download it to use it.

Translates xml/xsl to html. It can handle both versions of msxml, xt and saxon. Download to a folder and put xt.exe and saxon.exe in the same place.

If you use it and change it then mail me back with your changes to webmaster@bayes.co.uk

I have been working on a more advanced version which you can try. It can do recursion and has some better error handling and reporting. Saxon and XT support is still limited unfortunately. Download it here.

I have also created a command line JavaScript version xmltohtml.js(AKA translate.js) that can be invoked like this

cscript xmltohtml.js xmlFile xslFile output {param=param}*

Some people have problems with licensing of common controls. I have created a downloadable setup containing both versions that should get round the problems.




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