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Topologi is a new company which designs innovative and productive tools for XML deployment. Their developers helped create some of the Web's most forward-looking technology, including XML, W3C XML Schemas, and Schematron; they are looking at how to design decent tools for them.

The Topologi Schematron Validator is a tool for checking XML documents against the assertions in a Schematron schema.

You can

  • validate one or several XML documents using DTDs, W3C XML Schemas and Schematron,
  • view the results in a convenient linked-view browser,
  • automatically generate RDF statements or Topic Maps,
  • edit the results,
  • print the results, and
  • save the results.

A variety of Schematron schemas have been included in this distribution, including RSS, RDF, SOAP, SMIL, WSDL, QAML, XTM, XLink, WAI XHTML, RDDL XHTML, CALS tables and, of course, Schematron 1.5 itself.



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