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<html> <head> <title>Adventure Works - Other Web Sites</title> </head> <body BACKGROUND="images/back_sub.gif" LINK="#800000" VLINK="#008040"> <font FACE="ARIAL NARROW" SIZE="4"> <table WIDTH="600" BORDER="0"> <tr> <td> <img SRC="images/spacer.gif" WIDTH="110" ALT="Spacer"> </td> <td COLSPAN="3"> <img SRC="images/hd_other_web_sites.gif" width="265" height="42" ALIGN="center" BORDER="0" ALT="Other Web Sites"> <br> <hr SIZE="4"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td ROWSPAN="20" VALIGN="TOP" ALIGN="LEFT"> <a HREF="/advworks/equipment/default.asp"> <img SRC="images/icon_sub_equipment.gif" width="85" height="45" ALIGN="CENTER" BORDER="0" ALT="Equipment"></a><br> <a HREF="/advworks/excursions/default.asp"> <img SRC="images/icon_sub_excursions.gif" width="85" height="45" ALIGN="CENTER" BORDER="0" ALT="Membership and Excursions"></a><br> <a HREF="/advworks/resources/default.asp"> <img SRC="images/icon_sub_resources.gif" width="85" height="45" ALIGN="CENTER" BORDER="0" ALT="Resources"></a><br> <a HREF="/advworks/internal/default.asp"> <img SRC="images/icon_sub_internal.gif" width="85" height="45" ALIGN="CENTER" BORDER="0" ALT="Internal"></a><br> <a HREF="/advworks/default.asp"> <img SRC="images/icon_sub_home.gif" width="85" height="45" ALIGN="CENTER" BORDER="0" ALT="Home"></a><br> <%If Not IsEmpty(Session("ItemCount")) Then iCount = Session("ItemCount") Else iCount = 0 End If If iCount > 0 Then%> <a HREF="/advworks/equipment/check_out.asp"> <img SRC="images/checkout.gif" width="85" height="45" ALT="Check Out" BORDER="O"></a> <%End If%> </td> <td VALIGN="TOP" ALIGN="CENTER"> <img SRC="images/title_avalanche.gif" width="250" height="38" BORDER="0" ALT="Under Construction"> <p> <font FACE="ARIAL NARROW" SIZE="4" COLOR="#800000"> <strong>Caution: Area of Instability!</strong> </font> </td> </tr> <% REM Column Span Value %> <% HTML_CS = 3 %> <% HTML_INDENT = FALSE %> <!--#include virtual="/advworks/Disclaim.inc"--> </table> </body> </html>


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