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I wanted to get the raw XMP RDF data from some JPEG files. I looked at Microsoft Windows Imaging Component and although it will get individual metadata properties I couldn't find a way to get the whole XMP RDF packet. I saw some posts about extracting it using a substring aproach by getting all the ... [More]
Displaying the output of Get-DirAsXml in an explorer with Powershell.  Although Powershell is a command line interface it can use forms to display output and get input. For an explorer the first thing we need is a treeview so we can use the System.Windows.Forms.TreeView control. Add it to a Sys... [More]
This translet will add a Ratio attribute to a daxml file. It is very useful to find out where all of the space is taken up in folders and if your downstream application is SVG or WPF then Ratio can be used in a lot of places. function T-AddRatio{    param ($inxml) &nb... [More]
A more powerful DirToXml. Don't go to sleep yet because this might get a bit more interesting as it goes on. I was learning powershell and decided to work on something that I knew well. Xml and one of the popular downloads from the Xml Xsl Portal, DirToXml. So here is a simple Powershell version dir... [More]